Learn about Transylvanian Saxon and German Culture through Community Programming

Programming Options

Programs are listed with intended audience but can be adapted to your group's needs.

Transylvanian Saxon Women - Passing on Tradition & Culture (Girl Guides of Canada)

Participants in this program will learn about and reflect on the life of a traditional Transylvanian Saxon girl and woman to better understand the role of women as leaders in passing on traditions within a specific heritage community and with neighbours of other cultural backgrounds, with a specific goal to examine how cultural practices can adapt in order to survive today and into the future.

Folk Dance at School (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

Students in this program will learn about Transylvanian Saxon dance and culture as a means to understand community connections, communication, and other school issues. This program is catered to the specific school curriculum of the host class and the workshop facilitator works alongside teachers to establish the content to be covered. Topics from past workshops include:

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with local groups and schools looking to address program goals, values, and/or curriculum through the lens of folk culture. Contact with for more information.

Six girls are standing in line, shown from the shoulders down. Two girls are wearing the Transylvanian Saxon traditional costumes and the others are wearing athleisure.