Folk Groups

Learn about and celebrate German culture

Folk Groups at the Saxonia Hall are free to all active members. Check out our current offering of groups and registration details below. Dates and times reflect the Spring/Summer 2023 session. If you have an idea for a new folk group, contact one of our board members to get started!

Youth Folk Dance Group

Ages 11-20 | Tuesdays 7-8:00pm

Celebrate German traditions through dance and practice for performance opportunities in Aylmer, Kitchener, London, and in the USA. Costumes are provided. Youth Group members also take part in group activities like canoeing, camping, and outdoor movie nights. They can apply to participate as hosts and/or guests with summer exchanges between Germany, Austria, Romania, and the USA.  No previous experience is necessary.

Adult Folk Dance Group

Ages 21+ | Tuesdays 8-9:00pm

Folk dance for everyone: Take some time out of your weekly schedule to learn basic steps of German and Transylvanian Saxon folk dance. You'll become comfortable with the movements and enjoy the music and social interaction from the moment you step on the dance floor. No experience required; optional performance and travel/hosting opportunities.

Coffee & Cards Group

All Ages | Wednesdays 1-4:00 pm

Hang out, catch up with or make new friends, play cards or other games (such as Bingo, Trivia), watch movies, and enjoy an afternoon coffee or tea. Participants can come as often as they like and do not need to plan to stay the full 3 hours each week. (Advanced registration encouraged but not required).

Kids' Folk Nights

Ages 4-11 | Wednesdays 7-8:00pm | July 12 to August 20, 2023

Learn about German culture and language through food, folk dance, music, crafts, and word games.  Showcase at the Saxonia Hall Family Picnic on Sunday August 20, 2023. Registration open now! Click here to register.